A silicone seal for an insulated lunch box

In life, our common thermal insulation lunch boxes will use silicone sealing rings to seal the lunch box, so as to achieve the effect of thermal insulation. Of course, the sealing ring has some other functions, which can block the external fine dust outside the thermal insulation box.

For the use of insulated boxes with rice, generally before eating will be heated in the microwave oven, many people worry that the temperature of the microwave oven will be very high when heating, silicone sealing ring will not change? Will it deform? In fact, these are redundant worries, silicone products factory silicone sealing ring using a number of high-tech, silicone sealing ring in silicone added high temperature resistant materials, and all the insulation box sealing ring is the use of food grade silicone raw materials, safe, harmless, environmental protection, health, clean, you can rest assured that.

Some unscrupulous silicone products factories use cheaper materials to produce silicone seals that do not pass the quality, and are prone to variation in the heating process. So no matter what products we buy, we should choose safe, quality, environmental hygiene products.

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