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Forever Seals Technology Co., Limited.

Forever Seals Technology Co., Limited. specializes in R&D, design, production and sales of high-performance spring energized seals, providing customers with various forms of spring energized seals series products, committed to providing high-end customers with system sealing solutions. Series spring energized seals have been widely used in high requirements of durability, chemical resistance and working at extreme temperatures.Our spring storage ring design is widely recognized in the LNG industry, oil production, petrochemical, compressor, semiconductor, automotive, precision instruments, and medical equipment industries.Power-spring energy storage seals reduce friction and work in harsh environments, while reducing maintenance downtime and extending the service life of equipment.

Our company has precision CNC processing equipment, the processing of the spring energized seal size range, the minimum can be made to the inner hole 1 mm, maximum processing to 2 meters diameter, the size of the to meet different customer needs, our company can provide spring energized seals with PTFE, PTFE filled carbon fiber, PTFE filled bronze, PTFE filled polyphenylene esters, PTFE filled with PI, PTFE filled graphite, MoS2, filled PEEK and other modified PTFE materials, we also can provide Ultra-high molecular Weight Polyethylene(UPE), polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polytrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) and other materials for spring energized seals, or other customized polymer materials.

In addition to spring energized seals, our company can also design, research and development, sales step seal, glyd ring, AQ seal, wiper seal, spiral support ring, arc support ring, back up ring, ptfe o-ring, vee packing, KZT dust ring, wear ring, guide strip in high-grade ptfe seals, such as can also be professional CNC pu Y seal, U ring, dust ring, Polyurethane special-shaped parts, welcome to sample processing or customized!

We have precision CNC lathes, precision milling complex machine, laser welding, laser mark and other processing equipment, complete testing instruments, other density gauge, hardness tester, two yuan, friction and wear testing machine, tensile testing machine, metallographic microscope, elastic tensile testing machine, glue machine, measuring instruments, for better and better sealing products and services.

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