Oil seals for industrial gear reducers, gearboxes

Forever seals have many years experience for providing oil seals for gear reducers.

The function of reducer oil seal is the same as that of ordinary oil seal, which is also used to seal oil to avoid oil leakage inside the reducer.

The most common types of oil seal are separate monotype and assembly type.The output end and input end of the reducer are equipped with oil sealing device. The longer the reducer works, the higher the oil temperature will be.Obviously, Reducer oil seal can protect the Reducer bearing and oil leakage, so as to keep the Reducer oil normal.Oil is a liquid substance. It is volatile, and the higher the temperature, the faster it evaporates.Reducer oil quality, life is directly related to the quality of the oil seal.Therefore, good quality oil seal can improve the working time and life of the reducer.

When selecting the type of reducer, the quality of the oil seal and its structure is one of the items that must be understood.


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