Analyze the failure of O - ring seal and the solution

      Once the O-ring is faulty, it is the problem that leads to leakage. If not dealt with in time, it will lead to mechanical equipment damage, serious accidents will occur. So timely detection and timely treatment.

Now analyze the O-ring common failure and treatment methods:

(1) Factors leading to the occurrence of small leakage phenomenon: 1. Cutting or damage during installation; 2. Insufficient compression; 3. Groove size is incorrect; 4. Rough friction surface; 5. High eccentricity leads to serious side load;

Solution: 1. increase the amount of compression; 2. check whether the width of the groove is too large; 3. Check eccentricity or side load;

(2) Factors that lead to leakage phenomenon at low temperature: 1. Improper selection of O-ring materials; 2. Insufficient compression;

Solution: 1. Increase the amount of compression to compensate for thermodynamic shrinkage;

(3) Factors that lead to excessive friction: 1. Excessive compression; 2. Excessive immersion; 3. extrusion; 4. metal to metal contact;

Solution: 1. check the size of the groove; 2. check material compatibility; 3. check whether there is coaxial or excessive uneven expansion; 4. O-type sealing ring may need to stop ring;

(4) Factors leading to early failure: 1. Damage during assembly; 2. the compression is too large; 3. O-ring size is incorrect; 4. Poor groove design;

Solution: 1. Check the gap; 2. increase the section of O-ring seal; 3. check whether the O-ring is overstretched;

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