Chloro-ether rubber definition

Chlorinated Elastomer is an important special rubber with excellent chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance and good physical and mechanical properties. It is formed by copolymerization of vinyl monomer containing double bond with a small amount of vinyl chloride, acrylic ester and other monomers. This kind of rubber occupies an important position in the field of special rubber and is widely used in the manufacture of high performance and high value-added rubber products.


The production methods of chloro-ether rubber mainly include suspension polymerization and solution polymerization. Suspension polymerization method is the monomer suspended in the water medium under the action of dispersant polymerization reaction, and solution polymerization method is the monomer dissolved in the appropriate solvent polymerization reaction. Both of these methods can obtain chloro-ether rubber, but the specific process conditions and product properties are slightly different.


Chloro-ether rubber has the following properties:


1. Excellent chemical resistance: chloro-ether rubber has good resistance to most organic solvents, inorganic acids and bases, and can be used in harsh environments for a long time.


2. Good high temperature resistance: chloro-ether rubber can still maintain good elasticity and mechanical properties at high temperatures.


3. Excellent physical and mechanical properties: chloro-ether rubber has good tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance, which can meet the working requirements under various complex stresses.


4. Good processing performance: chloro-ether rubber can be rolled, pressure injection and other process methods to manufacture products of various shapes and specifications.


5. Superior environmental performance: chloro-ether rubber can be completely decomposed and is harmless to the environment.


Chloro-ether rubber is widely used in the following fields because of its excellent properties:


1. Automotive industry: Used to manufacture automobile tires, oil seals, transmission belts and other key components to improve vehicle fuel economy and safety.


2. Petrochemical: used to manufacture key components such as pipelines and seals to improve the reliability and safety of equipment.


3. Electronics industry: used to manufacture key components such as seals and waterproof materials for electronic products to improve product reliability and stability.


4. Other fields: such as construction, medical equipment, sports equipment and other fields are also widely used.


In short, as a kind of special rubber, chloro-ether rubber has a wide range of application prospects and market potential. With the continuous development of science and technology, its application fields will be further expanded, bringing more convenience and benefits to human production and life.


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