Formulation technology of fluorine glue

Fluorine adhesive, because of its excellent resistance to high temperature, chemical corrosion and oil resistance, has been widely used in many industrial fields. These properties are mainly attributed to the chemical structure of fluororubber, especially its fluoroalkyl groups. How to optimize the properties of fluorine adhesive through formulation technology to meet the specific application needs is a key scientific and technological field. The following are some of the core elements of fluorogel formulation technology:

Frrst. Basic ingredients

1. Fluorine rubber raw materials: fluorine rubber is mainly composed of fluoroalkyl groups, such as tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and vinylidene fluoride (VDF). These monomers are polymerized to form polymer chains, which give the fluoro adhesive its unique properties.

2. Crosslinking agents: In order to improve the elasticity and heat resistance of fluorine glue, some crosslinking agents are usually added, such as fluorinated peroxides or fluorine-containing amines. These crosslinkers trigger polymerization reactions at high temperatures, connecting rubber molecular chains to each other.

3. Filler: In order to adjust hardness, increase wear resistance, improve thermal conductivity, etc., it is necessary to add various fillers in fluorine glue, such as carbon black, ceramic powder, glass fiber and so on.

4. Plasticizers and softeners: In order to improve the processing flow, add plasticizers such as esters or ketones; Softeners such as paraffin oil or silicone oil can adjust the hardness and improve the elasticity.

5. Stabilizers: In order to prevent thermal oxidation during processing and use, stabilizers such as antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers need to be added.

Second, formula optimization

1. Performance balance: The formula design of fluorine adhesive needs to consider its high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, elasticity and processing performance. Different formulations can lead to variations in these properties, so a lot of experimentation and testing is needed to find the best balance.

2. Synergistic effect: Some ingredients can produce synergistic effect when interacting with other ingredients, thereby further improving the performance of fluorine adhesive. For example, some specific combinations of fillers and plasticizers can enhance the wear resistance and fatigue resistance of fluorine adhesives.

3. Environmental factors: With the enhancement of environmental awareness, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and auxiliaries should also be considered in the formulation design, as well as the reduction of waste emissions in the production process.

4. Cost considerations: In addition to performance requirements, cost is also an important factor in formula design. How to meet performance requirements while reducing costs is one of the challenges faced by formulators.

5. Processing technology: The processing technology of fluorine glue also has an important impact on its performance. Different processing temperature, time and pressure conditions may affect its final performance. Therefore, the formulation design needs to be combined with the processing process to ensure the best quality of the finished product.

Third. Summary

The formulation technology of fluorine adhesive is a multi-factor comprehensive consideration process. In order to obtain high-performance fluorine adhesive products, formulation engineers need to have a deep understanding of the performance characteristics of various raw materials and additives, and find the best formula proportion and processing conditions through a large number of experiments and tests. At the same time, with the continuous progress of science and technology and the emergence of new raw materials and new methods, the formula technology of fluorine rubber is also constantly developing and improving. Through continuous research and innovation, we are expected to obtain fluorine adhesive products with better performance, lower cost and greater environmental protection to meet the changing market demand.

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