Four requirements for the storage of rubber seals

The rubber sealing ring is affected by various external environmental factors, which requires us to pay attention to the surrounding environmental conditions in the storage process. Next, our staff will explain the appropriate storage conditions for such products in detail, hoping to help you:

Storage conditions of rubber seals should follow:

1. Illumination

Avoid sunlight and strong artificial light sources containing ultraviolet rays. Uv protective packaging provides protection. It is recommended that the Windows of the warehouse be painted with red or orange paint or film.

2. Radiation

Avoid damage to seals caused by ionizing radiation.


5-25is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid exposure to heat sources and sunlight. The seals removed from low temperature storage should be placed in an environment of 20before use.

4. deformation

Rubber parts should be placed in a free state as far as possible to avoid stretching, compression or other deformation.

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