Low temperature test of rubber O-ring

First. Purpose


The purpose of this test is to evaluate the performance of rubber O-ring in low temperature environment, determine its sealing effect at low temperature conditions, physical properties and aging trend, etc., to provide a basis for ensuring product quality and safety.


Second. the test principle


Rubber O-ring is a common seal, widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment and systems. At low temperatures, the physical properties of rubber materials change, such as increased hardness and reduced elasticity, which may affect the sealing performance of the sealing ring. This test tests the performance of rubber O-ring seals by simulating different low temperature environments.


Third. Test method


1. Sample preparation: Select different kinds of rubber O-ring samples to ensure that the sample surface is free of damage and impurities.


2. Temperature setting: According to the actual use needs, set the temperature of low temperature test, such as -25, -40, etc.


3. Performance test: Rubber O-ring performance test at room temperature, such as hardness, tensile strength, compression permanent deformation and other indicators.


4. Low temperature test: Put the sample into a low temperature environment, keep it for a certain period of time, take it out, and then perform the performance test again after returning to normal temperature.


5. Data recording: Record the performance test data of each sample and compare the difference between normal temperature and low temperature.


6. Aging trend analysis: Through long-term low temperature test, observe the aging trend of rubber O-ring and evaluate its service life in low temperature environment.


Fourth. Test standards


1. Sealing performance: in low temperature environment, rubber O-ring should maintain a good sealing effect, no leakage phenomenon.


2. Physical properties: After low temperature test, the hardness and tensile strength of rubber O-ring should be within the product standard range.


3. Aging trend: Through long-term low temperature test, the aging trend of rubber O-ring should meet expectations to ensure the service life of the product.


Fifth. Precautions


1. Pay attention to safety during the test to avoid damage caused by sample cracking or popping.


2. Select the appropriate low temperature test temperature according to the actual needs to ensure the reliability of the test results.


3. Keep the sample clean during the test to avoid the influence of impurities or pollutants.


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