Nitrile rubber and fluorine rubber difference

1, aging resistance: fluorine rubber products can be stored for 5 years, nitrile rubber products can be stored for 10 years.


2, performance difference: fluorine rubber has advantages in tear strength and elongation at break. Nitrile rubber has excellent physical mechanical properties and processing properties.


3. Difference in high temperature resistance: fluorine rubber can be used for a long time at 200, and nitrile rubber can be used within 100.


4, low temperature resistance difference: ordinary fluorine glue can only reach minus 10 degrees, special treatment of fluorine glue can withstand low temperature of minus 30 degrees. Ordinary nitrile rubber can resist low temperature -30, while nitrile rubber with extremely super cold resistance can resist low temperature -50.


5, application range difference: fluorine rubber is widely used in missiles, rockets, space navigation, ships, modern aviation and other aspects. Nitrile rubber is widely used in automotive, aerospace, oil mining, petrochemical, textile, wire and cable, printing and food packaging.


6, price difference: fluorine rubber because of its excellent comprehensive performance, its price is also very expensive. Nitrile rubber: Currently the most cost-effective rubber elastomer material.


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