The reason why the rubber seal is white

Rubber has vulcanized rubber and unvulcanized rubber, which can also be called rubber material. Rubber frosting includes rubber material outer frosting and product outer frosting. What is frost spray? In fact, the liquid or solid compound is moved from the inside of the rubber to the appearance of the rubber surface, and it can be seen that the compound inside the rubber sealing ring is separated to form the spray.


1. rubber sealing ring raw material quality


Due to the different materials of sealing ring origin, different manufacturing methods, different technologies, different batches of raw materials have great changes; Also due to the composition technology of raw rubber: polymerization temperature, catalyst, monomer and other differences, resulting in different solubility; Physical properties and other simultaneous changes.


2. Aging of rubber sealing ring raw materials


The aging of the sealing ring raw materials mostly leads to the destruction of the balanced network structure of the vulcanized rubber, which also destroys the chemical or physical combination between various compounds and raw rubber molecules and compounds in the rubber system, and reduces the solubility of the compounds in the rubber sealing ring system.


3. the rubber sealing ring formula planning is improper


The improper planning of the sealing ring formula results in the following five phenomena. Such as fullness ejection: commonly seen in sulfur, catalysts, active agents, antioxidant removal ejection: commonly seen in processing AIDS, removal antioxidant. The antistatic agent is generated and sprayed: common in sulfur vulcanization system catalyst and reaction product reaction stay: common in peroxide vulcanization system low molecular material excessive stress ejection: common in inorganic fillers: such as calcium carbonate.


4.the storage conditions of rubber sealing ring raw materials are poor


The solubility of the compound in the rubber generally rises and falls with the temperature; The pressure of rubber storage, the humidity of the surrounding air and the time also have an impact on the solubility of the compound. If the pressure is large, the compound in the rubber under pressure will form a crystal nucleus and precipitate on the surface of the rubber sealing ring to form a spray.


5. rubber sealing ring technology is not appropriate


The sealing ring manufacturing process constitutes uneven mixing to form lax, and some exceed saturation; The mixing temperature is too high, so that part of the compound is excessive; Weighing is not accurate; Vulcanization temperature is too high, forming frost spray; The vulcanization temperature is too low, forming less sulfur spray; The curing time is not enough, forming less sulfur spray; The release agent or washing water sprayed is not properly operated, resulting in white rubber appearance.


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