What are the bad phenomena of silicone rubber products?

Silicone rubber products in the production process, due to the influence of various factors, there may be adverse phenomena, resulting in the performance and quality of the product affected. Understanding the causes of these undesirable phenomena is helpful to take effective measures to improve them. This paper will discuss the phenomenon and reason analysis of silicone rubber products.

First, the phenomenon of poor silicone rubber products

1. The surface is not smooth: the surface of silicone rubber products may appear particles, bumps, rough and other phenomena, affecting the appearance and performance.

2. Uneven color: the color of silicone rubber products is inconsistent, and there are color differences and uneven colors.

3. Deformation and distortion: silicone rubber products in the production or use process deformation, distortion, affecting its shape and dimensional stability.

4. Bubbles and pores: bubbles and pores appear inside or on the surface of silicone rubber products, resulting in the structure of the product is not dense.

5. Cracking and peeling: The surface of silicone rubber products cracks, peeling, and even stratification, affecting its mechanical properties and service life.

6. Incomplete curing: silicone rubber products are not fully cured, resulting in insufficient hardness, poor elasticity and other problems.

7.Shrinkage rate is too large: silicone rubber products in the curing process shrinkage rate is too large, resulting in dimensional instability, deformation, etc.

8. Poor durability: silicone rubber products in the long-term use of the process of performance decline, such as elasticity loss, discoloration.

Second, the reason of poor silicone rubber products analysis

1. Raw material problem: poor quality of silicone rubber raw materials, such as uneven distribution of fillers, inappropriate pigment concentration, etc., may lead to uneven color or rough surface of the product.

2. Unreasonable formula: improper proportion of components in silicone rubber formula, such as too much or too little crosslinking agent, too much or too little filler, etc., may lead to unstable product performance.

3. Processing technology problems: improper control of temperature, pressure, time and other parameters during processing, such as excessive temperature leading to burning, too short time leading to incomplete curing, etc., will also lead to poor products.

4. Mold design and manufacturing problems: mold design is unreasonable or manufacturing accuracy is not high, such as poor exhaust gas, unreasonable flow channel design, etc., may lead to bubbles or pores in products.

5. Environmental factors: The production environment humidity is too high or too low, temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors may also affect the performance and quality of silicone rubber products.

6. Aging and oxidation: silicone rubber products exposed to ultraviolet light or high temperature environment for a long time, aging and oxidation may occur, resulting in decreased performance or discoloration.

7. Improper use: The user does not use silicone rubber products in accordance with the prescribed way during use, such as overload, overpressure, etc., which may also lead to damage or performance degradation.

Third, improvement measures

To solve the above problems, the following measures can be taken to improve:

1. Optimize raw material selection: Select silicone rubber raw materials and additives with stable quality and excellent performance to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials.

2. Adjust the formula: according to the actual needs and processing conditions, the silicone rubber formula is optimized to ensure that the proportion of each component is appropriate to improve the stability of product performance.

3. Strictly control the processing technology: in the processing process, strictly control the temperature, pressure, time and other parameters to avoid the influence of adverse conditions such as overheating and overpressure on the product.

4. Improve mold design and manufacturing accuracy: Optimize mold design, improve manufacturing accuracy, ensure mold sealing and good exhaust, reduce the occurrence of bad products.

5. Strengthen environmental control: keep the temperature and humidity of the production environment stable to avoid the adverse impact of environmental factors on silicone rubber products.

6. Strengthen aging and oxidation protection: By adding antioxidants, antioxidants and other measures to improve the aging resistance and antioxidant properties of silicone rubber products, extend their service life.

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