What is the magic of silicone sealing ring?

        Silicone seals are often used in everyday tools such as rice cookers. Water cup. Crisper. Insulated box. Coffee pot, etc., assuming there is no silicone sealing ring, then the sealing of these items does not exist.

1. Silicone sealing ring has strong sealing performance, can achieve good sealing performance, so that water can not penetrate the sealing space;

2. Silicone sealing ring has excellent tensile performance. Even though it has a lot of tension, it can continue to open without deformation;

3. Silicone sealing ring has a strong storage effect, can make food and other fresh, non-toxic and harmless temperature, is a low carbon, environmental protection, healthy food;

4. Silicone sealing ring adaptability, even at high temperature heating, will not deformation or change, will not produce toxic and harmful substances;

5. Silicone sealing ring has strong insulation, even under the premise of high temperature is not affected;

6. Silicone sealing ring has a variety of patience, corona resistance, electric isolation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging characteristics;

7. Silicone sealing ring durable, will not be used for too long and yellow or fade;

8. Even in the following -60, the silicone sealing ring also has better elasticity than other general rubber, but also can maintain good elasticity;

9. Silicone sealing ring can not be used after shrinkage solvent and oil, naturally can not be used for thick shrinkage acid and sodium hydroxide.FOREVER SEALS can provide various types of seals.

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