Why do we use O-rings

O-ring is the preferred component for many manufacturers; Not only because their manufacturing costs are relatively low, but also because they have countless other benefits.


The O-ring can form a seal within a wide range of temperature, pressure, and tolerance levels. They do not require any critical torque when tightening, so it is unlikely to cause damage to the structure.


The O-ring will naturally return to its original shape when subjected to pressure on the cross-section, so it has been proven to be very reliable and sturdy.


These components can also withstand various harsh environments and chemical applications, and are considered very durable. Many O-ring types have a long shelf life and can be used indefinitely, as long as they show no signs of wear.


The use of O-rings does not require any special tools, primers, or installation techniques, and they can be reused in many cases.


FOREVER SEALS can provide various types of O-rings.

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