Basic requirements for designing rubber seals

Different equipment for rubber seal performance requirements are different, in the rubber seal design and type selection of use, should be determined according to the specific situation after analysis; The main performance requirements of the sealing ring are as follows:

1. Allowable leakage. In the design of rubber seals, the important requirement is the amount of leakage, which is determined by the use of the seal. The leakage rate allowed to ensure the normal operation of the machine and equipment is called the allowable leakage rate, and the allowable leakage rate is generally determined according to the specific situation of the equipment, and there is no unified standard.

2. Friction. Friction can lead to heat and wear of rubber seals, and even damage the sealing surface of parts, which is the main cause of seal failure and leakage. The friction of the contact seal mainly depends on the friction coefficient of the material and the lubrication condition.

3. Wear and tear. Friction will cause wear, wear will inevitably reduce the performance of the rubber seal ring, shorten the service life of the machine. The amount of wear on the surface of the sealing ring and rotating shaft depends on the sealing form, the rubber sealing ring material and the lubricity of the fluid. The wear of the packing seal on the shaft is larger, especially when the medium contains abrasive wear faster.

4. Size. The sealing device should be as compact as possible, and the limits in the structure ruler should be determined by the machine as a whole.

The choice of rubber sealing ring should be based on the temperature and pressure of the working system and the type of the sealed medium, corrosiveness, toxicity, inflammability and explosive, pollution density, viscosity, and the shape of the sealing surface. Generally speaking, at room temperature and low pressure, non-metallic soft rubber seals are selected; When there is a large fluctuation in temperature and pressure, the high elastic sealing ring or self-tightening sealing ring is selected; In low temperature, corrosive media or vacuum conditions, should consider the selection of special performance of the seal ring.

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