Characteristics of fluorine rubber O-ring

Fluorine rubber O-ring is one of the common O-ring. Because of its good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used. How much high temperature can fluorine rubber O-ring withstand? What about hardness and compression resistance?

Heat resistance: -25~280. Some special perfluorinated adhesives can be used at a temperature of 300

Hardness: 50-85 degrees, common hardness of 70 degrees.

Tone: Adjustable, generally black is the common fluorine rubber O-ring

Pressure: 10-20Mpa

Scope of application: It can be used in various working atmospheres requiring high precision, heat resistance, ultra-wear-resistant and harsh conditions, such as vehicles, electronics, aerospace, ships, metallurgy, machinery and so on.

Applicable media: fuel oil, hydraulic oil, organic solvent, concentrated acid, strong bismuth agent, grease, fuel oil, gasoline hydraulic oil, synthetic oil, etc.

Not applicable to media: brake fluid, ketones, low molecular weight lipids and nitro-containing mixtures;

The main characteristics of fluorine adhesive are heat resistance and solvent corrosion resistance, good aging resistance and ozone resistance, and low gas permeability. It still has good wear resistance even under extreme working conditions. Fluorine adhesive can withstand the working temperature of +200 degrees, and can also work under oil-free conditions for a short time.

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