Reasons for good sealing performance of rubber O-ring

The reason of good sealing of rubber O-ring and sealing structure and working principle

The tightness of rubber O-rings has always been an important information for the market. The following is the reason for its strong sealing performance, as well as the sealing structure and working principle.

Rubber O-rings have always been a key product in the domestic sealing equipment market and occupy a large market share in China. Of course, this is inseparable from its own advantages. Generally speaking, the rubber O-ring commonly used in pump and valve equipment has a very simple structure, simple processing technology, and greatly reduces the cost. Therefore, in practical applications, it can be adapted to the installation and use regulations as soon as possible, and it is easy to disassemble. Therefore, with its good sealing ability, it has become a hot commodity in the sealing market.

Rubber O-rings are usually installed in pipe trenches. If the design size is wrong and the specifications are different, due to a certain shrinkage, the surface of the rubber o-ring and the groove contact surface may not be complete, the sealing effect may not be the best, or the rubber O-ring shrinkage is too large, and the groove edge has a certain stress extrusion, resulting in direct damage to the rubber O-ring, the sealing effect will be greatly reduced, and the maintenance cost will be greatly increased. During the sealing process, the rubber O-ring is often in contact with the fuel. If the corrosion resistance is poor, it is easy to be corroded by fuel, resulting in poor elasticity, which affects the sealing effect. The greater the pressure, the greater the deformation of the rubber O-ring

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