Classification of rubber products

Rubber products refer to natural rubber or synthetic rubber as raw materials, processed products. According to their shape and use, rubber products can be divided into the following categories:


First. Classification by shape


1. Rubber block: It is a large rubber product, mainly used for padding and filling the gap.


2. Rubber plate: It is a kind of elastic plate, used for sealing, insulation, waterproof and so on.


3. Rubber tube: composed of inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer and outer rubber layer, used for conveying gas or liquid.


4. Rubber belt: made of rubber sheet or rubber cloth, used for sealing, transmission, transportation and so on.


5. Rubber seals: used to seal various mechanical parts to prevent gas or liquid leakage.


6. Tires: A key component of cars and other vehicles, used to support the weight of the body and ensure smooth running of the vehicle.


Second. Classification by use


1. Industrial rubber products: including conveyor belts, transmission belts, seals, shock absorbing products, etc.


2. Rubber products for construction: such as waterproof coils, sealing materials, etc.


3. Medical rubber products: such as condoms, surgical gloves, etc.


4. Daily life with rubber products: such as rubber shoes, raincoats, etc.


Third. Classification by raw materials


1. Natural rubber products: made of natural rubber.


2. Synthetic rubber products: made of synthetic rubber as raw materials, such as styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, etc.


The above are several classification methods of rubber products, and the specific types of rubber products under different classification methods are also different. When selecting and using, it is necessary to choose according to specific needs and uses.


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