Forever Seals shows you the life and maintenance of seals

The service life of seals cannot be generally defined as a few years or many hours. It is related to the conditions of use, the material of the seal, the quality of the seal, the installation groove, the installation method and the storage of the seal.


1. Service life of seals


(1) Conditions for use.


(2) Choose the right seal material, to pay attention to the material's adaptability to the working temperature and compatibility with the oil.


(3) The material and surface processing accuracy of the relative moving parts of the seals have an impact on the seals. The relative roughness of the moving surface is small, which has a good effect on prolonging the service life.


(4) The lubrication state should be good.


(5) To prevent dust and sand mixed.


(6) The lubricating oil quality should be clean.


(7) Seal life The service life of the seal depends on its working conditions and environmental conditions.


At any stage during the use of the seal. The working conditions, both in motion and at rest, must be suitable for the selected conditions. For example, the seals made of polyurethane rubber are afraid that the oil contains water, and if they encounter water, they will deteriorate and be inelastic. Another example is the seal made of nitrile oil resistant rubber, when the oil temperature exceeds the allowed range, the oil temperature rises by 15 ° C and its life is reduced by 50%.


(1) Used for seals in short-stroke mechanisms or hydraulic components, which can be calculated according to the number of actions, generally 150,000 to 250,000 times.


(2) Used for long-stroke hydraulic cylinder seals, can be calculated according to the mileage, generally 100 ~ 1500km.


(3) The seals used for static sealing can be calculated according to the actual use time, generally 1.5 ~ 20,000 h or 1.5 ~ 2 years.


2. Storage of seals


The seal is a wearing part and usually requires spare parts.


(1) Control storage period Rubber seals are easy to age naturally.


The actual service life of the rubber seal should be equal to the sum of the storage period and the working period, to extend the working life, it is necessary to shorten the storage period between the product from manufacturing to use, it is necessary to control the sealing into and out of the warehouse, only in this way can the seal play a maximum role.


(2) Storage needs to know the following points.


Seals should avoid being placed in a place with high room temperature, direct sunlight, humidity and air convection.


Seals are not allowed to be stacked or hung to avoid permanent deformation.


Record the manufacturing date of the seal on the packaging bag, and release it for use within the storage period.


Put the seal into a polyethylene pocket, seal it and keep it in a dark and cool place.


The storage period is one year, the seals that exceed the storage period should be inspected and treated, and those that do not meet the quality requirements should be scrapped.


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