What causes the crack of the rubber seal ring?

Some people may encounter rubber sealing ring cracking, like nitrile rubber sealing ring why there are cracks?


Here's why:


1, rubber sealing ring production problems:


(1) The formula design is caused by less oil or resin material or high vulcanization temperature and poor fluidity.


(2) The void caused by bad exhaust occurs in the product during manufacturing


(3) When the raw material is too thick, it also causes cracks.


2. During the use of rubber seals: high temperature and exposure to sunlight in the air will cause aging and cracking of nitrile rubber.




1, processing AIDS (stearic acid, paraffin or polymer wax) appropriate increase!


2. Add 2-5 servings of operating oil appropriately.


3, vulcanization temperature is appropriate, according to the rheometer selection.


4, readjust the parameters in the processing process (such as temperature, exhaust, raw material thickness, etc.)


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