Formula and design of O-ring compound

The O-ring we use, if we want it to play a wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, heat-resistant role, the rubber formula of the O-ring is very important. Improving and improving the formula of O-ring compound can make the service life of O-ring longer, the performance becomes better, and the production cost can be reduced.


The purpose of formulation design is to seek the best combination of various formulations, so as to obtain good comprehensive performance. The formula design should be based on the requirements of product use, in accordance with the principle of economic and practical, reasonable selection of various raw materials and their dosage, and ultimately achieve the following purposes.


Meet the performance requirements of the sealing ring. Any kind of raw rubber can not be perfect, through the formula design, formula test and strive to make the sealing ring has the best comprehensive performance.


Good processing performance of rubber material. The processing property of the compound is considered on the basis of satisfying the product performance. The good processing performance is convenient for the manufacture of rubber compound and sealing ring to meet the needs of mass production.


In the premise of ensuring product quality, try to choose cheap, rich sources, non-toxic or low toxicity, stable performance of raw materials, in order to reduce costs, improve economic efficiency, do not pollute the environment and safe production purposes.


The research shows that there is a correlation between the composition of the rubber formula and vulcanized rubber and rubber mix, the composition of the compound variety, type and dosage have a decisive impact on the properties of vulcanized rubber and rubber mix, and there is also a correlation between the properties of vulcanized rubber, the performance of the final product depends on the properties of vulcanized rubber. These related principles constitute the basic framework of rubber formulation design.


Our eternal seal will be formulated according to the special requirements of customers, and design O-rings with excellent performance, so that machinery, auto parts, electronic products and other instruments can play a role, so that our customers will be more assured when using O-rings. Therefore, the rubber formula of the O-ring is crucial, and the details often directly determine the role of the O-ring.


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