How to determine whether the material of the sealing ring is silicone rubber?

At present, in the silicone rubber products industry, there are many daily supplies, medical equipment products and electronic accessories products are silicone material figure, and silica gel and other types of rubber is different from the chemical composition, it mainly contains some silica black, silicone resin, silicone oil and mixing vulcanizing agent and color glue added substances do not contain harmful compounds. And there is still a certain amount of pseudo-material in the silica gel material, such as silica gel products manufacturers in order to save costs with low-cost raw materials, raw material suppliers to improve efficiency to add catalysts, etc., so the real identification of true and false and quality methods are described as follows:

1. Color:

Silicone rubber products can be deployed in a variety of different colors can be deployed according to the international Pantone color number, so there is no difference from the color above and there is no flaw after appearance treatment, but the main thing is to stretch to see whether the bounce will appear white or transparent phenomenon, if there is that material may belong to the ordinary material!

2. Feel:

Feel is very important, silicone products whether stretching, resilience, deformation and toughness strength are very important, if the above performance is basically a high-quality material, the general role of high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone mobile phone protective case) and so on products are used more widely!

3. open flame burning:

This method is the most effective, the general high quality silicone product material after burning and other rubber material is different, will emit white smoke, the product surface after burning will appear white fog phenomenon, completely burned and finally white powder, completely colorless and tasteless, and different materials will appear yellow to finally appear black residue.

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