How to choose the correct sealing ring?

      How to choose the correct sealing ring maintenance customer common problems in the purchase and maintenance of silicone rubber sealing ring, most customers are based on the specifications and color of the test product to buy, so that it can only improve the difficulty of buying coefficient, may not be able to choose the right product. The following procedures are recommended to improve the accuracy of purchasing seals:

1. Direction of movement. First determine the running direction of the seal, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiraling or fixed.

2. The key to sealing performance. For example, the decision active point is the nominal diameter of the support rod seal or the active point is the diameter of the hydraulic cylinder seal, etc.

3. Temperature rating. Check from the original mechanical equipment manual or according to the actual working environment to assess the temperature of the work, determine the required raw materials. Instructions on temperature levels can be found in the next manufacturing customer FAQ.

4. Stress level. Check the data information in the original mechanical equipment manual, or look closely at the hardness of the original seals and pressure levels in the structural reasoning. Instructions on pressure levels can be found in the next manufacturing customer FAQ.

5. Specifications and dimensions. Most customers buy based on used old tests, but after a period of use, seals can be greatly affected by temperature, pressure, damage and other factors. Sample selection is for reference only. A stronger method is to measure the metal groove specifications where the seals are located, which will be more accurate.

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