Physical properties of silicone O-ring

1. anti-aging

Silica gel material has stronger heat resistance, irradiance and weather resistance than other fiber materials. The service life of silica gel material can reach several decades under geographical conditions.

2. Physiological plasticity

Silicone products O-ring is very resistant to microbial aging, and animals have no rejection, has good anticoagulation characteristics.

3. Low interfacial tension and low surface

Low surface tension and low surface tension of silicone O-ring material are the key reasons for its application in various fields: water absorption, demulsification, stability of plastic foam, rubber removal, lubricity, polishing oil and other excellent characteristics.

4. Flame retardant properties of electrical equipment

Silicone products have good insulation characteristics. Their dielectric loss, working voltage resistance, electric arc resistance, capacitance resistance and volume resistance index are far in advance among insulating bushing materials, and their electrical characteristics are little affected by temperature and output power. Therefore, they are a relatively stable electrical insulation materials, widely used in the industrial production of electronic components and electrical equipment. In addition to good heat resistance, silicone materials also have good water solubility, which is also the guarantee of high stability of electrical equipment in wet state specifications.

5. Heat resistance characteristic

Silicone material is not only heat resistant, but also low temperature resistant, can be widely used in the range of ambient temperature. Neither organic chemistry nor physical properties change much with temperature.

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