The introduction of FFKM O-Rings

FFKM rubber is composed of TFE (main chain), PMVE (branch chain) and bridge part, it not only has excellent high temperature resistance like PTFE, chemical corrosion resistance (can resist the corrosion of more than 1600 chemicals), but also has the elasticity of rubber, its compression deformation rate at 300℃ is only below 50%.


Ordinary FFKM rubber operating temperature range of -25℃~+240℃, Kalrez7075 high temperature resistance up to 327℃, even when exposed to constant temperature of 316℃ or intermittent high temperature environment like 343℃, Kalrez will not occur hardening and embrittlement leading to seal failure. Kalrez retains its elasticity and resilience in direct dipping contact with corrosive fluids. In fact, the thermal stability of Kalrez often exceeds that of the fluids themselves. Perfluorinated rubber also has excellent air tightness and vacuum resistance up to 1.33X10-7-1.33X10-8pa) and high cleanliness and ionization resistance. These characteristics are also widely used in the semiconductor industry.


Due to the complex manufacturing process of perflurane rubber, there are only a few manufacturers in the world that can produce raw materials of perflurane rubber: DuPont KALREZ, 3M, DAIKIN, Suway, etc.

Temperature range: -45℃~327℃

Hardness range: Shore A70 ~90 degrees


Forever seals company mainly use the raw material from Italy Suway. We can produce many kings of FFKM rubber seals for different working conditions.


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