Why can FFKM seals be used in harsh environments

FFKM seals can be used in all harsh environments in the oil and gas industry. Different kinds of FFKM seals can be developed by using different fluorinated monomers and vulcanizing systems to meet various performance requirements. FFKM seals can be used in some special oil and gas sealing applications due to their combined excellent resistance to high temperature and chemical media and low temperature sealing capability. However, due to the price factor, from the point of view of cost-effective will also consider other sealing solutions, such as PTFE seals. FFKM seals can be distinguished according to the composition of the monomer and vulcanization system, so as to design different grades of FFKM seals with different properties. The composition and synthesis sequence of the monomer can greatly change the low temperature sealing capacity of rubber, and the vulcanization system has a great impact on its heat and chemical medium resistance without considering the fluorine content. The commonly used monomers of FFKM sealing ring are tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and perfluoromethyl vinyl ether (PMVE), whose glass conversion temperature (Tg) can only reach 0℃. Later application of other types of FFKM monomers can reduce the glass conversion temperature to 17℃. Recently developed new FFKM monomers can reduce the glass conversion temperature to -30℃ while maintaining the desired resistance to chemical media. Due to the global exploration and production of the oil and gas industry, cryogenic sealing capability has become an important design basis, and engineers can use cryogenic FFKM seals to meet the requirements of cryogenic sealing.


FOREVER SEALS can produce FFKM seals with different requirements according to the working conditions provided by customers, with a maximum temperature resistance of 320 ℃ and can withstand various chemical media. Our company's FFKM seals have solved many complex working conditions for customers around the world.


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