What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing O-type sealing ring material?

The function of the O-ring is usually to seal. There are many kinds of media that can be sealed, mainly oily media. Therefore, in the sealing at the same time, it can also play the role of dust and oil insulation. Its characteristics directly affect the performance of related equipment, and its material is the main factor affecting its performance.

1. Speed of mechanical movement.

Different sealing ring materials have different adaptability to mechanical motion speed. At present, there are many sealing ring materials, some of which are difficult to adapt to high speed mechanical operation. Therefore, if the sealing ring is used for high-speed mechanical operation, the selected material should be more high-grade to meet the requirements of high-speed operation.

2. Stress.

Sealing ring material to work pressure bearing capacity is different, the material is particularly sensitive to pressure. Different materials can accept different pressures. The material can be selected according to the medium to be sealed. For example, the medium is oil, which is under tremendous pressure. If the use of poor bearing capacity of the material, the pressure of the material will exceed its bearing capacity, the service life of the seal ring will be reduced. Therefore, materials that withstand high pressures should be selected.

3. The solution of media is soluble.

This is very important. In many cases, the sealing ring material requires direct contact with the sealing medium. If the two are incompatible, one material may intrude into the other, causing mechanical contamination, or damage to the seal ring, resulting in media leakage. In addition, the selected sealing ring material cannot be corroded by the medium or react chemically with the medium, so you need to pay attention to this when selecting the material.

4. Temperature.

In the selection of sealing ring material, also need to consider the temperature. Different materials have different temperature ranges. For some materials, the temperature of the site is too high or too low to be effective. In addition, the material itself has a limited adaptability to temperature. If the temperature is too low, the seal ring will become brittle, if the temperature is too high, the application degree and hardness of the seal ring will be reduced.

When choosing O-ring materials, we should give full consideration to not only the motion speed and pressure, but also the solubility and temperature of the medium.

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