What should be noted to prevent O-ring distortion damage?

      1. the coaxial size of the groove installed in the O-ring should be considered from the two aspects of easy processing and no distortion.

2. the O-ring section size should be symmetrical, each installation, should be fully wiped in the sealing part of the grease. Sometimes it is possible to use felt ring oiling equipment soaked in lubricating oil.

3. increase the O-ring section diameter, the O-ring dynamic seal section diameter should generally be greater than the O-ring static seal; In addition, O-rings should be avoided as seals for large diameter pistons.

4. when the distortion damage will occur under low pressure, you can use the sealed environmental protection ring.

5. reduce the surface roughness of the cylinder and piston rod.

6. choose low friction resistance material made of O-shaped sealing ring.

7. The O-ring can be replaced by a sealing ring that is not easy to distort.

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