How to restore the deformation of fluorine rubber seal ring?

      The deformation of fluorine rubber sealing ring can be divided into recoverable bending and non-recoverable bending, and recoverable deformation can also be divided into mild deformation, such as small strain, distortion and coaxiality; Can not be restored to folds, crevices and other serious deformation. The slightly deformed rubber pad can be used normally after the shape is restored, and the density closure is not easy to lose.

However, after the bent rubber pad is repaired, the sealing effect will fail and it cannot be used normally. Let's master how to restore the bending of a deformed rubber pad.

Prolonged storage of fluororubber seals can cause slight bending.

Remove the deformed rubber pad, quickly boil water and pour into a container.

Place the boiling water in the container and soak the rubber pad into the boiling water.

After soaking for ten minutes, remove the rubber pad and push it forward.

Tractive repair malleable, slightly bent rubber pad repair prototype.

The above method can only be used to repair the bending of the rubber pad, such as slight deformation, and the structure and shape are not damaged by external forces.

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