Do you know the characteristics and classification of silicone waterproof ring?

Silicone waterproof ring is an O - ring made of silicone products. It is a transparent, ring-shaped product that comes in a variety of colors, including gray, pale yellow and milky white. It has strong compressive strength and is widely used in waterproof and closed places. It also has a wide range of product specifications. Today, we will explain the advantages and classification of silicone waterproof ring in detail.

The advantages of silicone waterproof ring are as follows:

1. it has good insulation performance, sealing performance, temperature applicability and dielectric charge, while responsible for temperature, can be used for high and low temperature, and less affected by external conditions, is an ideal waterproof material.

2. anti-aging, long service life, up to 50 years. Raw material performance parameter design is strong, strength between 30-70, moderate price. If it is a higher anti aging hydraulic seal, the price will be higher.

3. It has good resistance to neutral organic solvents, excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, and certain resistance to the corrosion of reactive oxygen species and metal oxides.

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