Type of silicone waterproof ring:

1. according to the physical properties, can be divided into liquid silicone and solid silicone materials. Liquid silicone for extrusion molding products; Solid silicone material is used for molding products.

2. According to the different characteristics of raw materials, it can be divided into climatic silica gel materials and ordinary silica gel materials, among which ordinary silica gel materials are also called accumulated silica gel materials. The main uses are many, can make mobile phone button and conductive tape; Climate silica gel material, also known as pure silica gel material, transparent color, diverse strength, used to make high elastic products, such as protective sleeves, silicone hose, etc.

Silicone waterproof ring is more and more popular because of its environmental protection characteristics. If you want to know about silicone waterproof rings, you should first understand the raw materials of silicone material, so that you can use goods more quickly, whether on vehicles or watches, they are very durable.

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