What aspects should we pay attention to using O-ring?

O - rings are widely used in various hydraulic and pneumatic parts, pipe joints, barrel faces and flange surfaces. For the O-ring used in motion, when the working pressure is greater than 10MPa, if the unidirectional compression, the other side of the compression Angle of the O-ring is provided with a retaining ring; For double compression, place a retainer on either side of the O-ring.

A wedge retainer can also be used to reduce friction. When the pressure liquid is applied from the left side, the right retainer is pushed up and the left retainer is not in contact with the sealing surface, so friction is reduced.

Generally speaking, the selection of a block will increase the friction of the sealing device, and the wedge block is of great significance to reduce this friction. For fixed O-rings, when the working pressure is greater than 32MPa, a stop is also required.

When using an O-ring as a repeat motion seal, attention must be paid to damage caused by the full tone rolling torsion of the seal, as well as failure caused by increased friction caused by adhesion.

If the O-ring is properly installed and used under moderate conditions, it is not easy to roll or twist under repeated motion conditions. Because the contact surface between the O-ring and the sealing trench is greater than the friction contact surface on the sliding surface, the resistance of the O-ring itself prevents distortion.

At the same time, the diffusion of friction also tends to keep the O-ring stationary in the trench. Because static friction is greater than rolling friction, the surface of the sealed pipe trench is generally not as smooth as the rolling surface.

The service life of O-ring is closely related to many factors, such as service conditions, installation quality, materials of moving parts, dimensional accuracy, wetting conditions, dust prevention measures, etc.

Therefore, the accurate service life of O-ring can only be judged according to the actual working conditions. O - ring is a wearing part for moving seal. In any application of reciprocating seals, they should be used according to the rating or capacity of the seals and properly installed for satisfactory performance.

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