How to choose and use seals

When purchasing and using seals, users should often pay attention to the following requirements to avoid unnecessary quality problems:

1. Production

After strict selection and long-term experience accumulation, we have produced a series of supply channels, our supply, is the most comprehensive seal industry, so in terms of production quality, can be well checked, maintain a stable and high quality level. Coupled with our insistence on seal quality, we will not blindly pursue high profits at the expense of customer requirements for seal quality.

2. Storage

If we stand in the customer's position to produce seals, we must pay attention to whether the supplier or seal shop knows how to take care of the seals, if the supplier does not store properly, to the customer, it may be scrapped seals, because the storage of seals, there is a specific set of requirements, such as storage room temperature is best below 30 degrees Celsius, to avoid high temperature aging of seals; Seals must be stored in sealed packaging to avoid contact with water or dust in the air; Seals must avoid strong light exposure to avoid seals being eroded or prematurely aged by ozone in the air, so we suggest that customers in the selection of suppliers to purchase, must check whether the seals are properly stored, otherwise no matter how high quality seals can be provided by the seal manufacturer, to the hands of customers may also be scrapped seals.

3. Design

In the use of high-quality seals at the same time, many customers in order to reduce costs, in the link of guidance and dust selection of lower grade products, resulting in leakage because of cylinder swing or foreign debris to destroy the tie rod seal, please consult us about the product to avoid wasting the situation of high-quality seals.

4. Install

The most important thing in the installation of seals is to avoid damage to the seals, in addition to suitable finish, safe chamfering, removal of burrs, there are appropriate tools, how to avoid dust floating on the surface of the seals during installation, when installed such as the piston seal how to place properly to avoid crushing the seals, clean hydraulic media, etc., if the user has any questions about this, we Can provide me with the seal manufacturer's clear and simple installation instructions.

5. Use

In many cases, even if the equipment has passed the test after the completion of the process, the equipment will still have problems after being sent to the user for a period of time, under normal circumstances, may be caused by improper use, such as the oil temperature is too high leading to the burning of the seal, you can check whether the cooling system is operating normally, the tie rod surface is worn and leaked, you can check whether there is debris in the hydraulic oil, and whether the filter is lost Yes. From the above, it can be seen that even if the user is willing to pay a higher price to buy high-quality seals, it is necessary to control and monitor in all aspects to ensure that the investment will not be wasted, and it is necessary to choose a professional manufacturer and establish long-term partners.

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