The function and use of silicone rubber sealing ring

Silicone rubber sealing rings are often used in daily appliances, such as rice cookers, water cups, crisper boxes, incubators, coffee makers and so on. If there is no silicone rubber sealing ring, this type of product will not be closed.

1. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good sealing performance, can achieve good sealing performance, so that water can not penetrate the sealing space;

2. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good tensile performance, even if it is a huge tensile performance, it can continue to open, without deformation;

3. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good preservation practical effect, can keep the good novelty of food or other items that must be preserved, the temperature is non-toxic and harmless, is a green nutritional food;

4. Silicone rubber sealing ring has good adaptability, even at high temperature heating, will not bend or change the situation, will not produce toxic and harmful substances;

5. Silicone rubber sealing ring has excellent insulation performance, even in high temperature weather conditions will not be affected;

6. Silicone rubber sealing ring has a variety of resistance, with arc discharge resistance, pulse resistance, high and low temperature test and other characteristics, and has good aging resistance;

7. Silicone rubber sealing ring long service life, and not easy to use for a long time and yellow or fade;

8. Silicone rubber sealing rings are also more malleable than other ordinary plastics, even at minus 60°, but still can maintain stable ductility;

9. Silicone rubber sealing ring can not be used for shrinkage and refining. Acid and sodium hydroxide solutions naturally cannot be used for viscous shrinkage.

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